Anaheim 2! The ‘Bump’

Why is is that when someone in racing gets ‘caught’, the world loses its mind???  Labeling them with all of the hateful and demeaning terms of the most horrible of society?

After all, isn’t this ‘Racing’?  Since its inception, in one form or another, competitors have bumped, crashed, wrecked, hustled and cheated each other to get to the finish line first!  In no way do I condone Chad Reed for retaliating against Trey Canard on Saturday night, but C’mon…  We’re human!  They’re Human!  Humans fail… A LOT!

Chad retaliated, Chad will be fined and penalized and in his heart of hearts, I believe he is ok with that.  He was caught red handed in all of its High Definition glory.  But so what!  This isn’t an epidemic and it surely doesn’t change Chad or Trey as a person.

It does make the rest of the season more interesting though!!!  😉  Fight on boys!

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