Auto Club Speedway / Practice & Qualifying – Fontana, CA 2015

FONTANA, CA – March 20th, 2015 – Blaine Humbles

When the door bangers come to town, the horseFullSizeRenderpower fans head for Fontana.  As the NASCAR Sprint Cup and Xfinity series invade the AutoClub Speedway for racing this weekend, so comes all of the excitement and hoopla!

KaoticMotorsports was there to keep an eye on all of the proceedings.

IMG_0531It takes a lot more than just showing up to pull off the intense racing that NASCAR brings.  The inspection process instituted by the NASCAR folks looks straight out of a NASA publicity film, or some Neill Blomkamp movie!  IMG_0533Jigs lower from the sky to test tolerances measured in .001″.  Laser levelers and scales do their best to insure that shenanigans are kept to a minimum.


All the while, drivers wait to take the wheel of their respective chariots.  With all the pomp and circumstance of a hollywood red carpet, drivers hug the ladies and kiss the babies (Or the other way around, I’m not sure…)


IMG_0532Then Finally, with the anticipation climaxing like christmas morning for a 10 year old, the drivers leave the garages andIMG_0534 head to the track.  The months of preparation for the track staff and bated breath of the thousands of fans reaches a release!  The payoff! The Prestige.



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