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Daytona SX Preview

Daytona SX Preview

View of Daytona Night Show

   With Daytona SX tomorrow, the 450 field has unfortunately slimmed down. Two riders who were out last year due to injury, are out again after the horrible crash in Atlanta. Wil Hahn is out while he undergoes surgery for a broken collarbone. He was out all of 2015 due to injury as well. I’m sure this is a devastating blow to his comeback, even though 2016 has been challenging for him. Andrew Short, who announced would retire after the 2016 season, is also out. He suffered his second serious concussion within 6 months. He is quoted on Instagram saying, “The burns, bruising, and cuts will heal but injuring my head scares me.” The danger that comes with this sport is real, and I would have to agree that injuring my brain twice that fast would scare me too!
   It isn’t all bad news for the 450 field though. Team Tedder was able to pull a family favorite out of retirement. Nick Wey will be back in action for the rest of the year! Also making his debut this weekend is Riverside native Josh Grant.  I can’t wait to see what they bring back to the racing ambiance with all the riders feeling more confident after Ken Roczen was able to outright beat Ryan Dungey in Arlington, and rookie/teammate Marvin Musquin came close in Atlanta (prior to the unfortunate Stewart incident).
   This is the 250 East Coast round 2, with minimal crashes in Atlanta, who do you think will come out on top and shine? The privateers appear to be very strong and competitive this year. 2016 has been exciting and surprising so far, do you for see any new winners or big names this weekend? Tune in Tuesday on our site or with your Kaotic Radio app at 6pm PST for a recap of the race and let’s talk dirt!

Formula 1 Dream Team

A  Survey was circulated to select the F1 Dream Team.  Drivers and Team Bosses – past and present – were asked to vote for their ‘Dream Team’.  Their list was to include two drivers, one team boss and one car from any era in F1 history. As for team boss, Ross Brawn gets the collectiveContinue Reading

Catching Up With Alex Frye

   I was lucky enough to catch up with rookie Alex Frye before the holidays. What I gather from him is that he is a humble rider ready to take the Supercross Industry by storm. He never wavered from being grateful for the opportunity presented to him. Take a look at what he had toContinue Reading

Rides and Injuries

Blake Baggett has been putting in countless hours training and conditioning for Monster Energy Supercross 2016. He is quoted saying he was in the best shape of his life and even added quite a bit of muscle during this off season. Unfortunately, Yoshimura Suzuki had to announce this week he will be missing the openingContinue Reading

UK Arenacross vs USA Supercross

   This week Josh Hansen (a 2 time X-Games Gold Medal winner, and retired USA Supercross contender) made a shocking announcement for 2016. He has chosen to race the entire 2016 UK Monster Energy Arenacross circuit.    In a statement released regarding his decision, he said, “I’m pumped at the prospect of a new challengeContinue Reading

F1 Season Recap

What a spectacular Formula 1 season we experienced this year! Right from the start Mercedes was the dominant team. From the first green flag in Melbourne to the last checkered flag in Ahu Dhabi, Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton were the men to beat. Without a doubt, they proved to be a force to be reckoned with. Lewis Hamilton clinched the ChampionshipContinue Reading

San Diego Supercross/A little about me

Hello everyone I’m Lanni, Kaotic Radio’s Dirt Sports Correspondent!! I’m from Riverside CA but now living in San Diego My main hobbies are: Supercross/Motorcross, dirt sports, darts, and good times with good people. My main annoyances are: entitlement, self absorbed people, and repeating myself more than 4 times in a row. I’m married with a furbabyContinue Reading

Anaheim 2! The ‘Bump’

Why is is that when someone in racing gets ‘caught’, the world loses its mind???  Labeling them with all of the hateful and demeaning terms of the most horrible of society? After all, isn’t this ‘Racing’?  Since its inception, in one form or another, competitors have bumped, crashed, wrecked, hustled and cheated each other toContinue Reading

Mercedes is Cheating!

I don’t truly believe that the AMG Mercedes team is playing, or rather ‘racing’, with an advantage this season in Formula 1.  But… After all, we have see dominant dynastic performances in the past.  Of course the great runs of Michael Schumacher with Ferrari (7 championships, 5 in a row) and most recently Sebastian VettelContinue Reading

Tony Stewart returns to racing

Most of us were enjoying our families this Labor Day, grilling something, taking a dip in the pool, or whatever you do when these holiday weekends take over our lives.  For the Ward family, they will still be mourning the untimely, and to some questionable, passing of their son, Kevin Ward Jr.  At the same time,Continue Reading