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Are we poised for another F1 Driver Silly Season?

Blaine Humbles – KaoticMotorsports Staff Writer


With rumors that Lewis Hamilton not resigning with the the Silver Arrow due to a pending move to the ‘Red’ side of F1 starting to pick up steam, does that mean Kimi Räikkönen is destined to be out?  Or has Sebastian Vettel’s early season success for Ferrari not done enough to win him over at the Scuderia?

More than likely, If the rumors hold, it would be a Vettel/Hamilton Ferrari next campaign.  Assuming that to be the case, what then for the Merc’s?  Who would take that seat? Nico Rosberg has been a brilliant, and at times superior, #2 driver for the dominant Mercedes the past couple seasons, but is that more Nico? Or more Mercedes?

Taking nothing away from Hamilton or Rosberg, one could argue (ok, just me) that any one of the top 10 drivers in F1 could pilot the Arrows to the podium currently!  The car is just superior.  But that then brings up another point of domination vs. abomination.  Is one teams supremacy good for F1? I would contend not!

The purpose of comptetition has several layers.  In F1, the number 1 function of good, healthy, aggressive competition is to further the advancement of components that will eventually make their way into production vehicles.  The second, and much more important to the longevity of F1, or any racing league, is to make money.  Teams cannot, and will not operate at a loss indefinitely.  At some point, there needs to be offsetting revenue.

I am a long time Ferrari fan, long time Schumacher fan and subsequent Vettel fan.  When Vettel left Red Bull for the Scuderia, I wept tears of joy!  Then rushed to the interwebs to grab up some new Vettel/Ferrari gear!  However, Since Hamilton and I have a longstanding mutual dislike of each other, purchasing any Hamilton/Ferrari gear will be out of the question.  So much so that I would look scoffingly at Ferrari for signing him in the first place!  It might even cause me to ‘pause’ my Ferrari fandom whilst Hamilton pilots a Red car!  Additionally, if the two Ferraris were at the top each week, and many believe they would be, what would be the purpose of the other teams?  Who would support them?  Who would buy their gear?  Besides the obligatory sales to Mom and Dad, I suspect nobody!

Fair competition creates rivalries!  Many winners creates many fans!  Parity creates excitement!  As much as F1 stands for all that is good in the unrestrained development of racing, it is crucial (to me) that teams have some mutual level of competitiveness and that you arrive at each circuit not knowing who’s gonna win!

Please don’t make F1 a boat race!

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