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Formula 1 Dream Team

A  Survey was circulated to select the F1 Dream Team.  Drivers and Team Bosses – past and present – were asked to vote for their ‘Dream Team’.  Their list was to include two drivers, one team boss and one car from any era in F1 history.

As for team boss, Ross Brawn gets the collective nod. Technical director of the championship-winning Benetton and Ferrari teams, Brawn went on to win a drivers’ and constructors’ double championship as team principal of his own team in 2009, and then laid the foundations for Mercedes’ current success.

McLaren’s all-conquering MP4/4 is the car of choice in the ultimate Dream Team. Developed by Steve Nichols and Gordon Murray, it claimed an astonishing 15 poles and 15 victories from the 16-race 1988 season. The fact it was the car in which the legendary rivalry between Alain Prost and Senna only added to its fame.

And the two Driver are — Ayrton Senna and Michael Schumacher


I have the list of top 5 in each category:


#1 -Ayrton Senna

#2 – Michael Schumacher

#3 – Fernando Alonso

#4 – Lewis Hamilton

#5 – Jim Clark



#1 – Ross Brawn,

#2 – Sir Frank Williams

#3 – Ron Dennis,

#4 – Flavio Briatore (Who was instrumental in putting Alonso on the map),

#5 – Colin Chapman (Who Established Lotus Engineering in 1952 and is widely credited for bring the front and rear wing technology to F1 starting with the Lotus who dominated the series in the 60’s and 70’s)


And the CARS –

#1 – McLaren MP4/4 (1988),

#2 – Williams FW14B (1991 & 1992),

#3 – Lotus 79 (1979 and was the first car to begin utilizing aerodynamic ground effects),

#4 – Ferrari F2004 (2004 – considered to be the most dominant car ever produced by Ferrari),

#5 – Mercedes F1 W05 Hybrid (2014 – 2015 the car currently run by Hamilton and Rosberg)


Who would be your PICKS ?

F1 Season Recap

What a spectacular Formula 1 season we experienced this year! Right from the start Mercedes was the dominant team. From the first green flag in Melbourne to the last checkered flag in Ahu Dhabi, Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton were the men to beat. Without a doubt, they proved to be a force to be reckoned with. Lewis Hamilton clinched the ChampionshipContinue Reading