Houston Supercross: The Return of the West Coast

Houston’s Pre-Race Report

   Houston’s race this weekend marks the return of the 250 West Coast riders as well as the most delusional track map I’ve ever seen! You can check out this week’s layout below. As some said on social media, it looks like FELD let the Monster Energy girls design it! The biggest news I’ve found was in the Injury Report as this marks the return of family favorites as well as massive complications for others.


Justin Barcia is BACK!!
Mike Alessi is questionable after injuring his back in Daytona.
Josh Hill will remain out through a large portion of Lucas Oil Pro Motocross after scary crash in Daytona.
Ken Roczen was hellbent on making his return in Houston but has been sidelined by his team. He will be on a week by week basis to determine if he is going to return after injuring his foot in Oakland and running into the stadium at Atlanta.
Jake Weimer can’t catch a break. His injuries have complicated as he now has a blood clot in his throat. He is also recuperating from a broken right humerus (arm and elbow), collapsed left lung, concussion, fractured Adams Apple, bruised vocal chords and a split chin. He will also be out until a few weeks in to Lucas Oil Pro Motocross. The video is below. **No gore, but still turns your stomach**

Trey Canard has had surgery to repair his broken arm and got the staples out this week. He hopes to return in time to begin Lucas Oil Pro Motocross.

Vince Friese has an unknown return date after wreck in Indy leaves him with a broken collarbone, multiple broken ribs, and a Grade 3 AC Shoulder Separation.
Justin Hill is still out from his ankle injury in San Diego.
Jessy Nelson was testing at Glen Helen and unfortunately will be out the rest of the SX season. He was 2nd in West Coast points and is expected to return at Hangtown.

Nobody said this sport was easy or safe. Remember if you are going to ride not to skimp out on the protective gear. These guys have the best of the best and still have crazy injuries. Don’t ride over your head, and if you can avoid it do not go riding alone. Houston will be aired on Fox Sports 2 at 5pm PST. Follow me on Twitter for live race updates including wrecks and finishes! @LanniGoesVroom

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