Mercedes is Cheating!

I don’t truly believe that the AMG Mercedes team is playing, or rather formula-1-logo‘racing’, with an advantage this season in Formula 1.  But…

After all, we have see dominant dynastic performances in the past.  Of course the great runs of Michael Schumacher with Ferrari (7 f2002-schu-ferr-spaf-2002championships, 5 in a row) and most recently Sebastian Vettel in the dominant Red Bull (4 championships is a row & current holder).  Historically speaking, there never was a time when more than a few teams actually had a chance to compete.  Following Sebastian_Vettel_2012_Malaysia_FP2F1 the way I do, and also being a NASCAR fan, I can tell you that having several drivers and teams racing with an actual chance of winning is a good thing!

F1 has always been a battle of the haves, with the track littered with the have nots.  2014 is no different.  After the 2013 season, Formula 1 threw away the rule book and started anew.  The cars became hybrids.  Yes, similar to your average Prius.  Not very manly, but F1 has always looked to the future.  All of the innovations and breakthroughs made on the F1 tracks are added to the cars you and I drive today!  However, this new F1 motor isnt even a motor, or an engine, its a Power Unit!

A combination of turbo charged petrol burning 2014_renault_f1_energy_power_unit_engine_09-0124engine, electric motors, batteries, fuel tank and energy recovery units slowing the wheels through generators rather than solely from standard brakes.  A technological marvel indeed!

However, only Mercedes got it right!  The likes of Renault (Red Bull) and MercedesFerrari are simply put, the ‘nots’.  I ask the question, how is that possible?  How is it that one manufacturer can figure out the rule book so well, but the rest cannot?  Are their engineers better?  Smarter?  I cant believe that would be possible.  No way!

Having been a huge Schumacher fan, and then Vettel supporter, it is going to come as a surprise that I long for the day when F1 has parity across all 11 or 12 teams.  No, really!  Overtaking, quality pit stops, 4 or 5 drivers battling for the drivers championship, 3 or 4 teams fighting for the team championship and a year when 1 manufacturer doesn’t double up 2nd place sounds like an appetizing prospect!

As the new American Owned Gene Haas F1 team announced that it will use Ferrari power Units next season, bring American fans closer to this global institution, as a fan of 22477.3all motorsports, I beg Formula 1 to find some parity!  I know you can do it boys.  Make it happen.

And while you’re at it, come run Long Beach again!  The American appetite is hungry enough for 2 F1 races.  I dont even care if you do it as a companion event to the red headed step child series (Indy).  We all know the U.S. has the greatest number of fans and disposable income if you put together the right event.  See you in Long Beach!  (wishful thinking)


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