Santa Clara and Ryan Villopoto

Race Talk and Smack Talk

   Santa Clara was one hell of a race!! You wouldn’t think so since the titles were clinched already. My recap will be short and sweet considering I spilled cranberry juice all over my race notes. :( Never fear though, I covered the most important stuff on the show and you can find it in the archives :)

Most memorable moments of the week of Santa Clara

  • Davi Millsaps was released immediately from his contract with Monster Energy Kawasaki vaguely and speculation has sparked many rumors. Racer X wrote an article stating, “Still, we’ve heard enough to believe this much is true: Millsaps was fired because Kawasaki found a prohibited substance in his locker in the team truck. We don’t know exactly what the substance is (we’ve heard the full gamut of rumors, from “it was nothing” to “it was something”). We do know it wasn’t a recreational drug, but something that would more than likely appear on the banned list of the WADA code. Davi’s statement last week said he hasn’t violated any AMA or FIM rules, which is true, but he hasn’t been drug tested this year as far as we know. Also, no one at Kawasaki has said they know Davi has actually used the substance; they only know that they found something inside their rig that was not supposed to be there.” Check out the rest of the story at


  • There was a HUGE pile up in the 250cc main event leaving Cooper Webb starting in 10th having to work hard and smart to get all the way back to the lead and still take the win. Plessinger led his first ever main event laps that night, and Hansen, who was consistently in 2nd had to pull off the track with mechanical issues resulting in a DNF. Jenny Taft interviewed him after he exited the track and he said, “I don’t know man…I just..I just don’t know.” While his bike wasn’t running when he pulled off, his mechanic was able to kick it over on the first try which just seemed to irk him further.
  • Chad Reed was battling a list of setbacks this week that included vomiting and #2 problems according to his instagram, and a rough crash in practice that left his ribs and back sore into the night. He came back from these to win his heat at the demise of Cole Seely nailing a bike being taken off the track. He finished 8th after crashing in the main making a move in the rhythm section to go for the lead.
  • As mentioned previously, Cole Seely had a rough go of it in his heat. He was in the lead and approaching the finish line. 3 flaggers had the caution flags out and the official standing in front of the downed rider was waving him to go to either side. He chose the left (or if watching TV the top) line, and the bike tech had also chosen that moment to remove the bike. An unpredictable yet completely avoidable crash sent Seely to the semi. He let AMA official Mr.Gallagher have a piece of his mind but unfortunately that is all that he could do. Seely went on to finish 5th in the main.
  • Zach Osborne was clipped by Alldredge in the first turn causing the melee to ensue. Multiple riders were downed and 3 of them could not continue racing. I have a soft spot for both of these riders and hope that they come back and kick ass in Vegas. Osborne was one of the riders to be checked by Asterisk Medical that night, and was able to walk away on his own with just bumps and bruises.
  • Malcom Stewart is another rider who can’t seem to catch a break. After multiple falls in Houston, he came to Santa Clara only to get up close and personal with the dirt again. His riding style reminds me a lot of James’ early days. (James is signed up for the AUSX opener as well for those of you wondering when he will be back.) Malcom stayed true to his nature and got up and rode anyways finishing 4th in the main.

I guess I had a decent memory of the race haha.

Onto bigger fish, we dabbled in the topic of Ryan Villopoto and his retirement after this year in MXGP. The new circuit is proving to be a challenge for the US champion. I noticed he has been consistently qualifying 4th and with good starts has been getting no less than Top 10 finishes so far. He grabbed the throttle in a competitive fashion on a track where he knew there were not many passing points, and went for it. He learned quickly the reason behind the stand-offish approach of the other riders. When you test lines at Trentino, you break bones. As shown in the video, Villopoto grabbed a lot of throttle to make a move and wheelied the bike. The result was a broken tailbone in 4 places. He was not letting this news get him down and he was going to try to ride since nothing can be done for it. Instead he tested today, and decided to sit this round out. He will be on a week to week basis deciding if he can handle it.

Tomorrow we have East Rutherford at 12 on your local Fox station!! Grab your brew, grab your favorite pizza and/or wings and tune in for the extended coverage of the last points race of the 2015 Supercross season! We then go straight to Vegas to cover the East/West 250cc Shootout, and the 450 Championship race on May 2nd.

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