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Hello everyone I’m Lanni, Kaotic Radio’s Dirt Sports Correspondent!! I’m from Riverside CA but now living in San Diego :) My main hobbies are: Supercross/Motorcross, dirt sports, darts, and good times with good people. My main annoyances are: entitlement, self absorbed people, and repeating myself more than 4 times in a row. I’m married with a furbaby and my family is my top priority :)

To get into the fun stuff let’s talk about San Diego SX! Cooper Webb started his day with a horrific crash in practice but pulled out everything he had to win the main. He passed Bowers (from Corona CA) cleanly and from the looks of it after the race, their beef is water under the bridge (I also have the interview to prove it but the file is too large so I have to transcribe it.)! Malcom Stewart, went down and struggled to make the finish (he placed 21st) in the back of the pack. In the 450’s I also got to interview the winner Trey Canard. He rode strong to get his 2nd main event win last night. Both of these men are extremely humble and make time whether at their rig or walking and talking on their way to the track. It wasn’t all fun and games though as what seemed to be a minor car accident in front of Petco Park turned out to be a man with an arsenal of guns in his trunk, literally less than 20 feet from where my husband and I were standing. Thankfully nobody was hurt and I’m not reporting a mass shooting. All in all, the riders were excited to have a new venue to race in. The track was technical and the whoops were proving a challenge for all!
Tune in Tuesday night at 6pm to for the full race recap. If you are like me and relying on your phone for internet, you can still stream it online or download the TuneIn app :) Don’t forget to call in to give your two cents. Or as Chappy says, “You can give more we have change!”

Vroom Vrooming Out 😉

Trey Canard Interview

Zach Osborne Interview

Mitch Peyton Interview

Big James Interview

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