UK Arenacross vs USA Supercross

   This week Josh Hansen (a 2 time X-Games Gold Medal winner, and retired USA Supercross contender) made a shocking announcement for 2016. He has chosen to race the entire 2016 UK Monster Energy Arenacross circuit.
   In a statement released regarding his decision, he said, “I’m pumped at the prospect of a new challenge at competing in the UK. I know the guys back home won’t get it and that will drive me on even more. I see Arenacross as going places and I want to be a part of that. I reckon after this, the gates will open and the British series flooded with Americans!”
   What do you think of his decision to go to Arenacross versus making a comeback in American Supercross? Do you think that there will be a flood of riders to the British circuit?
    I, for one, cannot wait to see what the differences are that made this switch so interesting. He is a great rider to bring attention to the UK circuit powered by Ford.

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